Η Ελλάδα κέρδισε το στοίχημα στους 3ους Παγκόσμιους Αγώνες Εργασιακού Αθλητισμού


The first 5 companies in the overall ranking * are:

Οι πρώτες 5 εταιρίες στη γενική κατάταξη* είναι:

Please be informed that teams 
placed 3rd and 4th in the pools' round will be able to play classification games on Saturday 9/10/2021.

Games will start at 09.30 and schedule will be announced during the day. 

                                                     Φαντασμαγορική η τελετή έναρξης των 3ων Παγκόσμιων Αγώνων Εργασιακού Αθλητισμού

New Suttle Buses Schedule - click the link to see more:

Dear Golfers,

Due to the expected adverse and severe weather conditions that are forecasted for Friday 8/10/2021, after consultation with the World Federation of Labor Sports, the 3rd World Golf Championship will be held as follows: