what is hocsh


The Hellenic Organization for Company Sport & Health (HOCSH) is a  Νοn Profit Organization that aims to bring together companies, employees, sport organizations, other NGO’s and the society by facilitating social exchange and health improvement through sport and recreational activities within the company environment.

Additionally, HOCSH aims to promote active lifestyle amongst Employees’ family members, especially youth, in order to nurture sport culture and raise health consciousness among future Employee generations.

HOCSH is the authorized Hellenic member of the World Company Sport Games (WCSG) and the European Federation for Company Sport (EFCS) and operates under its auspices facilitating the participation of Hellenic Company teams in International Sport events.


HOCSH is the authorized member of both the European and the World Federation for Company Sport.




The Sports Spirit and Fair Play concept is synonymous with our Hellenic heritage and is deeply rooted in our national consciousness from the Ancient times. This background provides an ideal starting point for advancing the sport concept to the contemporary work environment. 

Our vision is to create a flexible platform, where such initiatives from companies and individual professionals can flourish, grow and therefore significantly contribute in further developing the sport culture in our country. 

Deeply inspired by the work of the WFCS and EFCS in mobilizing companies and employees towards an active, sociable and healthy lifestyle HOCSH was founded in 2011. 


qHOCSH aims to promote an active lifestyle, health improvement and social interaction within an active workplace.


  • To create the necessary conditions for the development of company sport in Greece and promote a “sports & health” company culture.
  • To promote and educate about the multiple benefits and positive effects of adopting a healthier lifestyle for the Organization, the Employees and the Society, on physical, social, mental and cultural aspects.
  • To bridge Hellenic Company Sports corresponding teams in other countries by developing National Representative Teams that will represent Greece on International Sport Events.
  • To organize and support yearly Company Sport Events as well as health & wellness initiatives in a wide array of sports, on a national and international level.
  • To facilitate and coordinate participation of Greek Company teams in European Games and International Games of cooperating Organizations.



To create the necessary conditions for the development of company sport in Greece and promote a “sports & health” company culture.



  • HOCSH has a rich annual calendar spanning a wide range of events and activities attracting thousands of participants.
  • The Hellenic Company Sport Games is the most significant company sports event in Greece.
  • HOCSH members have the opportunity to participate in European and International Games and Tournaments – EFCS & WFCS Company Sport Games.


An annual calendar of numerous events and activities attracting thousands of participants.