Accreditation documents are issued for all participants who have completed their registration for the Games and have fulfilled all their financial obligations regarding their participation fees.

Participants seeking accreditation arrive individually at the event center, if they are participating in individual sports; in cases of team participation the representatives of the company/organization/team arrive at the EVENT CENTER: Athens Gymnastics Center I. Fokianos, Ardittou, Athens 10556 

The Event Center will be open from 09.00-21.00 on 6th Oct.

The procedure  below neeed to be followed in order to receive accreditation:



For each participant of a company/organization/team, the following documents must be delivered upon arrival at the Event Center:




  •  Been Vaccinated against COVID-19


  • Recovered from COVID-19


 (Provided it has been administered within 48 hours before the day of the official opening ceremony on 06 .10.2021)


  • negative PCR-test

((Provided it has been administered within 72 hours before the day of the official opening ceremony on 6.10.2021)


Relevant certification must be in the Greek or English language. All vaccines acceptable are posted at




After documents have been checked, and in accordance with the guidelines of the Health Committee of the General Secretariat for Sport:

  1. Those who produce a Certificate of Vaccination or a Certificate of having had COVID-19 will receive ACCREDITATION valid till the end of the event, i.e., up to and including Saturday 9/10/2021.
  2. Those who produce a negative Rapid Antigen Test or a negative PCR-test will receive TEMPORARY ACCREDITATION valid until and including Friday 8/10/2021. To renew their accreditation, participants must produce a new Rapid Test Covid-19 (48 hours) or a new PCR test (72 hours) administered on Thursday 7/10/2021 or Friday 8/10/2021, which must be valid on the morning of Saturday 9/10/2021. The new certificates must be delivered at the event center or at the entrance point of the sports venue where they are to participate.
  3. Those who do not produce a negative Rapid Antigen Test Covid -19: RAT, or negative PCR-test will not receive accreditation and, therefore, will not be able to participate in the event. In such cases no fees will be returned by the organizers.



    To facilitate participants who need to produce a negative Rapid Antigen Test or negative PCR-test test samples will be taken according to the schedule below:

    WEDNESDAY 06/10/2021, from 08:00 to 18:00

    Samples taken for Rapid Antigen Test

    • ‘Ioannis Fokianos’ National Gymnasium of Athens (Event Center)

    Ardettus Hill, Athens, GR 105 57

    THURSDAY 7/10/2021 & FRIDAY 8/10/2021 from 08:00 to 21:00

    Samples taken for Rapid Antigen Test and for PCR Test

    • Henry Dunant HOSPITAL

    107 Mesogeion Avenue, Athens, GR 115 26

    Telephone No: +30 21 0697 2000.

    INSTRUCTIONS to FACILITATE your accreditation procedure:

    • Make sure your documents are printed in English or in Greek.
    • Deliver your printed documents in alphabetical order (SURNAME-NAME) to speed up the checking procedure.
    • Before you arrive, let us now the number of Rapid Tests or PCR-tests you are going to need as a company at
    • Make an appointment for the review Rapid Tests or PCR-tests during your visit at the Event Center.
    • Make sure there are no outstanding financial obligations before you arrive. No payments can be made at the Center.  

    Contact Details, Valid from 5.10:

    Accreditation Center , Daily From 07:30 to 23:00

    +30 6956657251, +30 6956657252

    Results Center, Daily From 7:30 19:00

    +30 6956657253

    *Athens Company Run Accreditation *

    Accreditation for Foreign Participants:

    Athens National Gymnastics Center I. Fokianos 

    You may come to receive your relevant materials for the Race & Goody bag on 6th Oct from 09.00 to 21.00

    For Greek Participants / Athletes, the Accreditation will be held at 

    The Mall Athens

    Greek Participants / Athletes, you may visit the Secretariat at The Mall Athens during the days & times below:

    • Wednesday   6/10/2021  12:00-20:00
    • Thursday       7/10/2021  10:00-20:00        
    • Friday           8/10/2021  10:00-20:00

     ALL Athletes / Participants (both Greek & Foreign) 

    On Saturday 9/10 the Accreditation will be open from 7.30 am to 10.30 am for ALL participants at the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens.

    You will be able to receive your relevant materials for the Race & Goody bag BEFORE the race begins.