Byron's Shooting Range

Location Map

Byron's Shooting Range

Location Address
Vyronas 162 33

Access is possible by car, as the facilities lie on the foothills of Hymmetus, about 18 km from OAKA.

Access by car:  The transport by car is the most suitable way and takes only 20 min to reach Byron’s shooting range. Drive along the Av. “Vasilisis Sofia” with direction to “Kaisariani”. 
Afterwards go past this road and follow Av. “Alimou Katexaki” with direction to “Vironas” until you arrive.

Access by bus:  The access by bus is an easy way but not the fastest. In order to reach Byron’s shooting range you need to take the bus no 203 from the station “Syntagma” and get off at the station “4th Karea”.You need about 5 min on foot to reach your destination.


Hosted to Byron's Shooting Range