Spotlight on OACA


Named after the winner of the 1986 Olympic Marathon Spyros Louis, the Olympic Athletic Centre of Athens (OACA) is one of the most renowned sport complexes in Europe and an indispensable part of the Olympic legacy of Greece. 

The construction of the Stadium was complete between 1980 and 1982; and the inauguration took place on the 8th of September 1982, during the 13th European Athletics Championships. The following years, a number of other sport facilities were built surrounding the Main Olympic Stadium, including: the Olympic Velodrome in 1991, the Olympic Aquatics Center in 1991, the Olympic Indoor Sports Center in 1995 and the Olympic Tennis Center in 2004.

Having hosted a number of international and European sport events from the Mediterranean Games in 1991, to the World Championship in Athletics in 1997, the most significant remains the Athens Olympic Games in 2004. Especially designed for the Athens Olympic Games in 2004 is the famous roof of OACA by the world-known architect Santiago Calatrava.


Sport Facilities


The Main Olympic Stadium is a modern facility, providing athletes with all the latest amenities. It fulfills all the necessary preconditions for hosting major athletic and cultural events and it has a capacity of close to 70,000 spectators.

The Olympic Indoor Sports Center includes the Indoor Basketball Arena - one of the most modern basketball courts in Europe which can host a range of events from sports and concerts to conferences and the Indoor Training Hall.

The Olympic Aquatic Center comprises of two modern aquatic complexes, one outdoor and one indoor each with a number of auxiliary areas.

The Olympic Tennis Center consists of 16 illuminated Decotuff II courts, which are of the same surface as the US Open.

The Olympic Velodrome was constructed in 1991 and until 2003 it was used as open Velodrome. In 2004, it was renovated following the design of the roof by architect Santiago Calatrava and became the first indoor Velodrome in the country. 

The Common Domain was inspired by the ancient Greek meeting place, the Agora is a vaulted, modular structure of light steel, which runs in an arc along the northern edge of the Common Domain, alongside a dual band of water and trees. The Nations Wall is a sculpture made of tubular steel, designed so that it can serve as a giant screen for projections.


Events library

Since its construction, OACA has hosted a diverse range of both international and Greek events. A year after its construction, in 1983 OACA hosted the European Cup final and then in 1994, it hosted it again. In 2007, OACA hosted the Champions League final between AC Milan and Liverpool.

Aside from sports events, OACA has hosted various concerts as well. Renowned artists like Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, U2, Bon Jovi and many more have performed here over the years, with attendees filling the stadium to max capacity.   


Host of the 3rd WCSG 2020


OACA will proudly host the 3rd World Company Sport Games in 2020, giving athletes the opportunity to compete in world-class sport complexes that showcase the best of the Greek Olympic heritage.

OACA’s complete facilities allow for a range of sports to be hosted there amongst which are: tennis, track and field, swimming, kettlebell, rugby, handball, darts and others. Holding the majority of the sport disciplines at OACA ensures the ease of transportation and navigation for the athletes and visitors of the 3rd WCSG.