Spotlight on Hellenic American Educational Foundation

Host of the 3rd WCSG 2020

Hellenic American Educational Foundation will host the Football 11 and Volleyball tournaments of the WCSG, giving our athletes the chance to compete in one of the most modern, multi-functional and safe facilities  in Athens.

HAEF aims to offer a world of authentic experiences, always with respect for fair play, history and culture.


Sport Facilities

Stefanos Delta Stadium

The Stefanos Delta Stadium in the Psychico campus of Athens College was inaugurated in 1954 with state of the art facilities at the time (track and field, sport courts etc). The venue hosts numerous events, with the participation of school and sports teams and is also open to the public for training after school hours. Since 1990, the venue has been restored three times and can host all the classic track and field athletics. The new tartan 400-meter running track was installed in 2017.

The main field is made of artificial lawn and facilitates football matches of 11x11, 7x7 and 5x5. There are also three outdoor basketball and volleyball courts, which can be used as handball courts as well. In addition, the venue has a registration area, a small amphitheater, outdoor toilet facilities, a capacity of 1.500 seated persons and available parking space.


Indoor Sports Venue

The Aggelikousis Indoor Sports Venue and Handris Athletics Center at the campus of Psychico was inaugurated in 1996.

It is a multi-functional gym, equipped with the latest audiovisual systems. It holds a main area with three sport courts, which can be used for all indoor sports, as well as other events. Additionally, there is a fitness room, a room for gymnastics and dancing and a squash room. Aside from the School’s use of the venue, the gym is open to the public for training and hosts meetings with teams from other schools and sports federations. The Indoor Gym is fully air-conditioned and equipped with restrooms and changing rooms, a nursery with an automated external defibrillator, a canteen, a storage room, a press booth, has a capacity of 1200 seated persons with emergency exits, has a fire safety plan, is easily accessible and offers parking space.



Athens College was founded in 1925 by a group of enlightened Greeks (with Emmanuel Benakis and Stephanos Delta trailblazing the way) as well as with the support of American philhellenes such as that of Bert Hodge Hill, Director of the American School of Classical Studies.

The Founders’ vision, which was translated into reality from the onset of the College’s existence, revolved around the creation of a school which fostered the “harmonious development of students’ intellectual, ethical and physical capabilities, in particular their character” by enhancing the existing educational system “with modern pedagogical methods adapted to Greece’s history, traditions, psychology, and national needs.”


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