Dear all, 

As you know, the 3rd World Company Sport Games that were supposed to take place in June 2020 in Greece have been postponed and will be held in the Greek capital from 16 to 20 June 2021. 

This difficult decision, taken in total agreement with the organising committee and the Greek authorities, was necessary, and your support and greetings have underlined its relevance. 

Recently, some of you informed us of a rumour regarding a possible further postponement and have also expressed your disagreement with this possible situation.  Do not worry about a further postponement as we firmly deny this rumour. 
Indeed, even if the news hasn’t been as positive as we expected in some countries, we remain careful and continue to work with the local organising committee and the Greek authorities with the aim of welcoming you next June in Athens.  

The health situation in Greece, which was kept under control last year and which seems to remain under control at the moment, makes us all the more confident. The organising committee is in constant collaboration with the Greek authorities, in particular the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Sport, in order to ensure the quality of this major event, its health security and to maintain advantageous economic conditions. 

Our Greek friends are extremely careful and responsible, which will ensure the success of an organisation that complies with the regulations and with our requirements. They will soon provide us with all the detailed information you need to continue the registration process and start dreaming of these Games that we are all waiting for.  

We guarantee appropriate, transparent and responsible communication. Do not hesitate, if necessary, to contact us as you already do, via your team or company managers.  Please confirm your intention to participate and contact the organising committee ( -  
Without a doubt, your encouragement will be the fuel for their investment. They are counting on you and we know we can count on them. 

President of the WFCS