Meeting of the Greek Deputy Minister of Culture & Sports, Mr Lefteris Avgenakis, with the president of the Organizing Committee of the Athens World Company Sports Games.

The President of the OC, Spiros Karavoulis, had the opportunity to inform the Deputy Minister, about the preparation of the 3rd World Company Sports Games. The event will take place from 16 to 20 June 2021. It constitutes, worldwide, one of the first major multi-sport events that will be held after the outbreak of the COVID pandemic 19.

The meeting between the Deputy Minister and the President of the OC came to a successful close. Mr. Karavoulis had the opportunity to talk about the excellent cooperation with the World Federation for Company Sports, to present the venues’ management, the developement of human resources, as well as the preparation of the health and safety protocol by focusing on the excellent organization of the Games.

“I had the opportunity to inform the Deputy Minister about the work that has been done in terms of the preparation of the Games. The event will constitute an opportunity for our country’s international exposure and we will establish that even under difficult circumstances we can organize safe games. I would like to thank Mr. Avgenakis for his interest in the Games and for the complete confidence in us", stressed Mr. Spyros Karavoulis.

Mr Avgenakis, stated optimistic about the conduction of an international event that follows the most reliable regulations, and that he is willing to make the greatest contribution by supporting the Greek Organizing Committee.