Rugby 7


Team tournament

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  • Men “Open Class”
  • Women ‘’Open Class’’

A maximum squad size for the tournament of 15 players is in place. For each game a maximum of 12 players will be permitted to play, seven (7) starting the game and five (5) substitutes.

Rugby 7s will be played on half of the field as for Rugby 15s - as a result there are no shoot goals and only tries which count.

_Schedule for

Rugby 7

Game 13. Dassault Sports vs FASBF (1) 10:00 | Pitch Κ2.Α

Game 14. FASBF (2) vs GALITEL SA | Pitch 10:00 Κ2.B

Game 15. Association Veolia Sport vs Hellenic Police | Pitch Κ2.Α

Game 16. 1st  Place Team vs 3rd Place Team | Pitch K2.A

Game 17. 2nd Place Team vs 4th Place Team | Pitch K2.B

Game 18. 5th Place Team: vs 6th Place Team: | Pitch K2.A


Game 20. Winner Game 16 vs Winner Game 17 | Pitch K2.A

Game 21. Winner Game 18 vs Loser Game 16 | Pitch K2.B

Game 22. Loser Game 18 vs Loser Game 17 | Pitch K2.A

_Results for

Rugby 7